Aesthetic Theory

So how do we judge whether what we’re doing is any good?

Well one idea is intentionalism, does the object do what the maker wanted it to do. This type of rating is used in the Chelsea Flower Show, the garden designer submits the garden and with it a set of rulers for it to me marker by, they chose the areas that they want to marked on by deciding what the garden is supposed to show. Is the garden doing what it’s supposed to do?

So we’ve established that to design is to communicate a message and that of course we want what we design to communicate the idea we have clearly, well there is a international event each year where each country creates a pavilion, a pavilion is basically a structure that doesn’t really have any other purpose than to look good. The 2013 British Pavilion was designed by a man called Thomas Heatherwick, he broke down all the barriers of design by producing and original design something that no one could have ever thought of:



To create this the were thousands of glass rods filled with seeds, this was like nothing anyone had seen before so it achieved 1st place.

Another Pavilion is the Serpentine Pavilion, this is situated in a park in London, every summer a new pavilion is built by a famous designer. Here are examples of the Pavilions that have been created over the past few years:

A Main image serpentine_gallery_pavilion_sou_fujimoto_2013_2 serpentine_pavilion_sanaa_nw110709_3 1. A Main image HdM Serpentine 7144 Press Page


All the designs that I have shown on this post are all things that needed funding, in order for the people to secure funding the committee they want funding from has to like it. The best way to do this is by being very specific with your brief, as with the Chelsea Flower Show, it is essential to decide exactly what you want to communicate to the people. As Mark said, “The tighter the brief the more likely you are to get picked.”

Mark set us a task to design our own Sheffield Pavilion.

I had a few initial ideas, yes the typical steel city, I also had the idea of doing something to do with graffiti.



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