The power of a poster isn’t always to be inclusive, although we want to attract more people to look at poster this can be done by appealing to an exclusive market. Sometimes companies can make the mistake of wanting everyone to buy their product, the issue with this is that by trying to include everyone you can in fact end up not reaching anyone! This same thing can happen in poster design.

In fact sometimes by aiming at an exclusive market people feel like they want to be part of it, they want to be included in that exclusive market so it encourages them to buy the product.

I looked a few examples of this, one of them being adverts that are aimed a certain gender, sometimes this can be because that is who the product is aimed at but equally sometimes it can be so that people who aren’t in the exclusive target market get to be part of it. It makes the target market feel special and so those that aren’t in the target market want to get involved.

Yorkie is a great example of this, they marketed their chocolate bar as ‘it’s not for girls’, not only does this mean that males are more likely to purchase a chocolate bar that is specifically made for them and their needs but it can also attract a female market…sounds strange I know…but I have proof! When I was in primary school I remember the Yorkie becoming popular, the girls in my school were desperate to be seen eating the ‘it’s not for girls’ chocolate bar because they felt it proved the boys wrong, that actually girls could be part of the Yorkie trend too! I know it’s a silly example but it does show how even when something is aimed at a group of exclusive people that others feel like they want to be part of it, they want to be part of the exclusive group. In my example the girls wanted to prove the advert wrong, they wanted to prove that girls can do whatever they like, they can eat a chocolate bar that isn’t supposed to be for them. In this respect I think hats of to Yorkie for coming up with something like this! They brought it a new type of chocolate that was specifically branded for men and managed to reach both genders!

stupid45 yorkie-1


Exclusivity at a whole new level! Another example of an exclusive poster design is the childline poster, it is probably one of the most exclusive designs you could ever find as the message cannot actually be seen by anyone except the target market!

Child Abuse

Some posters can be produced in a way that the true message can actually only be readable by the target market.




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