Cover Page Research

I wanted to look specifically at the cover of magazines and not just local Sheffield magazines but magazines from around the world and discuss which I feel are most effective and why.

Eloquence Magazine


I don’t recognise this magazine at all but I have fallen in love with the innovative design of it. The magazine is called Eloquence Magazine and as you can see that is what it spells on the font, whilst also revealing the photo that the article is about through it. I could do this with the title of Echo and have it cut out of a square and reveal one of the articles through the letters. I just thought this was a great way to include the Masthead as part of the overall design instead of it just being something that has to be put on the front but is an inconvenience.


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Shown are some of the older versions of Esquire along with a more recent version. The interesting thing I felt about these covers is that they are so simple, a lot of magazines clutter their front pages with article titles in the hope that at least one of the titles will appeal to a customer, Esquire knows that they should aim themselves at a specific market and not just try and get everyone onboard. They do this through their interesting photography, this photography won’t appeal to everyone but it did specifically appeal to me because the interesting image intrigues be, why is that woman in a bin? Why does Mohammed Ali have arrows stuck through him? It would make me want to pick up the magazine and find out. The cover with Phillip Seymour Hoffman caught my eye because the type is interacting with that photo, if you look closely the type actually reveals all the magazine content, this way the type isn’t cluttering the page but actually attracting attention because of it’s artistic nature. One aspect that I feel lets this magazine down is the Masthead, this might just be personal preference but I really dislike the font that is used, it just seems so inconsistent in it’s curves and so I don’t find it appealing however it is quirky and one thing I do like about this is that because the photography is so simple it allows the Masthead to be a little more quirky.




This magazine caught my eye because the Masthead was so detailed, the magazines I’m used to seeing look like this:

fashion-magazine[1] Glamour-December12_cover_gl_26oct12_pr_bt Look-Magazine-Cover

They use a similar style of font although some choose sans serif others use serif, they have a bit of writing above the title and then the whole of the magazine cover is just packed with information!

I loved the Masthead for Maverick because the typeface and how each letter interacts has been carefully considered. The Masthead actually draws my attention more that the image does. Not only this but all the type on the cover has been considered so that the main type you are attracted to is the Masthead and issue number, instead of being overwhelmed with information. The simplicity of the rest of the cover allows the Masthead to be so elegant and individual.

I’d like to use this idea for my Masthead; that I can make it interesting so long as I remember to keep the rest of the design simplistic.

I need to ask the question: Am I going to draw people in with my articles or with the actually design?

Let’s be honest the articles may not be what everyone wants to read, they will be about up and coming artists not necessarily the ones who everyone knows about, therefore it is unlikely that people will pick up the magazine and read it purely for that one article therefore I think that my magazine needs to draw people in through it’s interesting design that intrigues them to have a look and see what the whole magazine is about.




I have never heard of the article before and have absolutely no idea what it’s about but the cover grabbed me. The first thing that interested me was the fact that the Masthead was horizontal…this was an idea that I discussed earlier and I think for this cover design it really works…although I don wish that I knew was the title meant! One issue that there could possibly be with this is that people may not read my title as ‘Echo’ but instead read it as just the letter E C H O. The second thing that I loved in this magazine is the interesting front covers it seems to be a montage of various different photos and it uses colour overlays to make it even more eye catching. This gave me the idea that actually I could present all the article photos together in a collage like this, I could maybe even always make sure that it produces a certain shape…could the shape be the number that issue is? There are to be 3 produced a year, maybe they could be produced in a design of 1-3.



Following on from the design above this magazine goes even further with photo editing and actually seems to deface the photo, there is also some type underneath the image that follows the style. If I am to follow the traditional way of Masthead in the top left-hand corner and a photo making the background of the front cover I’d want to follow in a style like this where it is ‘different’ it adds a more interesting side to the photo and colours catch your eye.


JPG mag cover

Again, I’ve never heard of this magazine the only reason I included it is because of the Masthead, if I’m honest I don’t like this cover at all, the photo is odd and the colours aren’t appealing but it’s just another example of how the Masthead can work in the corner of a page, it does’t have to got across the top like most Mastheads do. Another observation is that in comparison to other Mastheads, like the Fashion ones shown above, the type isn’t actually that big, the reason your eye is attracted to it isn’t because the font is interesting or in your face but actually because of the background that it has been placed on…this is definitely something to consider when I am thinking of colours to use.

Rolling Stone

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These covers have got to be some of the ones I love looking at…why? Because the photography is incredible…no one photo is the same in it’s style, every photo makes me think, it shows a different side of that celebrity, it shows them in a different light. The Masthead reflects the retro roots that this magazine has, it is so famous that often the celebrities photos cover it and people still recognise it. I’ll admit I’m not a fan of all the photos, some I find a little too provocative…they’re definitely not afraid to put a half naked woman on the front. I would still argue that there is maybe a little too much type on the front, however because the photos are so influential it doesn’t impede of the impact. I don’t think I’d ever be able to take photos as good as this but I think if I was interviewing a famous celebrity it’s often nice to show a side of them that the public doesn’t always do, and doing this through photography is an incredible talent.

Little White Lies

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I am just amazed by the design of Little White Lies, I wish I could illustrate as well as this! I included this at the end just to remind myself that photography isn’t the only route, I can choose illustration as a way to depict a celebrity or band. I also wanted to look at the Masthead, as you can see the font and layout has changed of the type over the last few years, and I definitely think the modern layout, on 3 lines, looks a lot better, but I like how this Masthead is completely different from the other ones I have seen, it’s in the middle of the page and  has part of the barcode, it really stands out because it contrasts the image massively. I know that the reason the Masthead is placed in the top left hand corner is because when it’s on a magazine shelf that is the only bit that is seen, however on my magazine, it won’t be on a magazine shelf, it is more likely to be stacked on a table so you can see the whole cover, therefore I don’t need to limit myself to having the Masthead in the top left hand corner.

Looking through all these magazines has definitely fuelled more ideas…bring on the designing!


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